Dear Lila: You’re Seven Months Old

Dear Lila,

This week you turned seven months old. You have one tooth almost all the way in on the bottom and four (!!) coming in on the top. You are a little peanut at just 14 lbs 8 oz, but long at 27 inches.



Lately you’ve been working really hard at crawling. You get up on your knees and hands and rock back and forth until you fall on your belly.

Two of your other favorite things to do lately are scratching and grabbing. All the time we hear your little nails scratching on whatever surface is near you. Unfortunately this also tends to be my skin, so I’ve been diligent about keeping your nails clipped. When I’m holding you, you often reach out your arm to grab whatever is near and sometimes far. This morning you tried to grab the ceiling fan.

I love watching you explore your world.


You like eating and have tried a lot of food now. Every time you try a new food, you get a confused face with the first bite. But after a few more bites you usually love whatever we’ve given you. Yesterday it was carrots.

You love your independent play time. I set you on the floor with some of your “toys” and you’re content for an hour or so. Right now your favorite things to play with are just every day household objects like an old remote, plastic hanger and wooden spoon.

IMG_3694I try to get you outside to play at least once a day. It seems like the outdoors is your element. You love the wind hitting your face, feeling the grass and smiling at the people and dogs who pass us.

IMG_3747Just recently you started getting very sad when I’m not in the room with you. Right now I’m writing this sitting next to your crib while you fall asleep because you kept crying when I left the room. It can be frustrating not being able to get time to myself, but I know that one day you won’t want or need me like you do now.

IMG_3770Sometimes it makes me sad that you’re getting older, but most of the time I feel grateful that I get to watch you grow and learn every day. I am so lucky to get to spend my days by your side. You’re Daddy and my’s little side kick and you make even the most mundane tasks fun.

We love you always and forever little girl.

IMG_3734 _MG_9962