Mid-Summer Fog

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. This tends to happen around this time the summer. I’m not sure if its that we’re coming off a vacation home, or that it’s hot out so I want to be outside, but I find it hard to get motivated to write in July.

Life lately has been a series of ups and downs. On the up side, our trip home was wonderful. Lila was showered with love and attention from her grandparents on both sides along with other family and friends.

_MG_0228 _MG_0376 _MG_0476 _MG_0568_MG_0142 _MG_0199 On the down side, we all got sick during our trip home. Lila picked it up from daycare when I had to put her in for two hours while I met with a potential client. She passed it to both Luke and me, but I got it the worst. My sinuses were so swollen I was convinced I had a cracked molar because my gums and whole jaw were aching. Not a fun way to spend vacation.

Since we’ve been back, I’ve been working on getting Lila into more of a routine so we can plan things better with friends. But baby girl is all over the place with her sleeping. One day she’ll wake up at 6:15 am and the next it’s 9:00 am. Then with her napping, she’ll sleep 45 minutes one day and 3 hours the next. I wish I could say “Lila naps from X until X every day” but we’re not really there yet.

I’ve been working hard though to find things we can do together and with other moms and babies. Yesterday we went on a hike with friends we met at church, I’m trying a baby boot camp class on Wednesday and I have a regular play date set up with a friend and her baby on Fridays. My goal is to get to a place where we have some regularity to our days. Mondays we do this and Tuesdays we do that. We’re getting there slowly yet surely.

In the past few weeks Lila’s development has really taken off. She’s got SIX teeth now at just 7.5 months. We started baby-led weaning after she showed signs of wanting to feed herself, and girlfriend has been housing food ever since. Today for lunch she ate a whole avocado, whole peach and five blackberries. _MG_0657 baby led weaning She’s also figured out crawling and is on the move. I had to finally set up our baby gates today when I found her under our computer table grabbing at some wires. It’s really incredible to watch her grow so quickly. It’s good to be back home in Nevada and into our day to day groove. I think my summer motivation block has lifted and I plan to write much more regularly. I have some posts brewing in my mind, like how consulting has been going for me, why Lila has been sleeping in the closet and my never-ending dental debacle. So, stay tuned!